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Rock the Cinderblock and LOL Vanity   
03:12am 28/08/2007
  I spent tonight at a hookah bar with a drag queen, two possible lesbians, and a friend from debate. Tomorrow I am getting a queer history lesson at the Stonewall Inn and then hopefully learning something about my own straight future. I will continue to live off of $2 falafel and dorm-brewed coffee.  

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Drink like it's water   
04:57am 31/07/2007
  Tonight my boss offered me a job teaching at Session 2, and I accepted. The pros: it's at UCLA, which means better food, better dorms, and Westwood trips, it's better money than I could make doing anything else, and it's two more weeks in California with debaters. The cons: I have 8 days at home before I go to college. That just seems ridiculous to me. I don't know how I'm going to have time to say goodbye to everyone, and shop for all the stuff I need for college, and get ready for the wedding, and sleep.

Fuck, sleep.

I don't even know what sleep FEELS like anymore.

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Is it any wonder I'm tired?   
02:35am 29/07/2007
  I've been having really vivid dreams lately, ranging from the slaughter of everyone I care about to journeying through a massive airport with Doug Jeffers and all my students. Weird.

Yesterday my boss drove me and two other instructors around Los Angeles and then took us out for dinner, just because we had the day off and the food here is terrible. We passed Andy Dick standing at a crosswalk. Weird.

My lab improved the most out of all the varsity labs on the philosophical literacy tests we've been having, so Doug and I get bonuses and brownie points. And the kids started a Facebook group for the lab, complete with quotes and inside jokes. That's not weird, that's just awesome. I love teaching.

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Come on and we'll see   
05:19pm 06/07/2007

Also, NYU is number seven on peta2's list of the most vegetarian-friendly colleges. Yay!

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But so far has not been good   
12:36am 24/06/2007
  As I was driving home tonight, I came across a skunk trundling through the yard next to my car. Funny things, skunks - they're unfamiliar enough to make you hesitant to approach them, but cute enough to draw you in anyway, despite your doubts. And then, when you get close enough, excited about maybe actually making contact with the furry little thing, it fucking SPRAYS you with shit that makes you smell like ASS.

If anyone thinks this isn't a metaphor, they're wrong.

Fuck skunks.

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Lazy days and holidays   
04:48pm 16/04/2007
mood: pleased
Best. prom dress. EVER.

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What's it like in New York City?   
12:53am 15/11/2006
  College interview went well. Hopefully the meeting with my English teacher and guidance counselor tomorrow will, too. Apparently I've been a bad girl and need to be scolded, but at least I know I can charm them when it counts.

[What have I done?
It's too late for that
What have I become?
Truth is nothing yet
A simple mistake
Starts the hardest time
I promise I'll do anything you ask
...This time]

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01:00am 01/11/2006
  This was a bad Halloween.

I was sick all day, went to Zest rehearsal, found out Mr. Turner is mad at me (Objection! I cried, and they all agreed, but not a one spoke up), came home, still sick, and now I have a 4-5 page paper to write for a class I actually care about.

But I spent some time goofing off on the net and found an op-ed in the Times by Gaiman which made tonight Halloween-y enough for me, I guess.

Work to do (will December ever come?)

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Goodnight, moon   
05:53pm 04/10/2006
  Hey hey hey, boys and girls. Guess who's got mono?

If you guessed "Not Micki," you're wrong.

I figure the month before applications are due is a good time for this to happen. And I was about to get all whiny and then I thought about Darfur, etc. and that helped me get some perspective.

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Just a chance that maybe we'll find better days   
10:56pm 21/09/2006
  It is such an easy realization: the people that make you feel bad are not good for you. Took me long enough, but I have realized it, and so I've been getting over people I should have been over a long time ago. And it is sooooo much easier than hanging on.

[It feels good
Is that reason enough?
It feels good.]

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Well I'm afraid that I, well I may have faked it   
09:25pm 14/09/2006
  First tournament of the year is tomorrow. Nervous, but more excited than nervous. Cases are coming along well, but not exactly done. At all. Not like that's surprising or anything.
But for once I don't hate myself for leaving cases until tonight, because for once I was actually doing something worthwhile instead of writing them earlier, not just wasting time. I like being good to people. I wish everyone could be good to people.

[Kylie give me just one chance, let's go out and dance
We can get into the groove, I can watch you move
Later you can sing to me like a shining star
But I'd rather do you in the backseat of my car]

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Say goodnight and GO   
02:53pm 26/08/2006
  Abby and I are road tripping it down to Vermont tomorrow, which should be awesome. She's going to visit Bean & Amy, I'm going to help Scudder Parker run for governor. At the very least, I get to spend a week away from my mother, but I think I'll get more out of it than that.

In other news, I kind-of-accidentally watched the last half of "Se7en" and now I'm scarred for life.

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01:55am 04/08/2006
  People confuse me like none other. Why pretend if all it gets you is attention from someone you don't like? So when I say, "tell me the truth so that I can know whether to move on or stick around," that's your cue to save your lies for later. But no one ever does. Lame.

[When I awoke there was nothing real in this life
But dreams are so intoxicating
When you're doing this alone
But words have no meaning when it's you that says
I really do care, no baby I, I really do care!]

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Wondering...where it all went wrong   
08:21pm 23/07/2006

I liked that one a lot.

NDF is unsatisfactory. I don't want to write cases, I don't want to feel stupid, I don't want to listen to people who are stupid, and also there's nobody here for me. The first night was awful because the AC was full blast and we couldn't turn it off, plus I had no internet, but both those problems have been fixed so maybe things are looking up. Regardless, I wish I were home.

Update: Feeling a little better, got some case ideas and actually kind of looking forward to getting my debate on. I've been missing people from home, but Joe Vaughan, as usual, helps to take the edge off. As does Imogen.

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"Sometimes that just happens, man."   
12:36pm 17/07/2006
  In the past two weeks, I have been locked in a room with five other people and accused of theft, slept too little, learned a lot, gotten hit on by a middle-aged personal injury lawyer, and become friends with some of the most amazing people I've ever met. So now I'm home for a week to sleep, decompress, give blood, and see Children of Eden and Anyone Can Whistle, and then it's off to Boston to do it all over again. Hopefully without the accusations and the lawyer.

Call me if you miss me.

[I've still got sand in my shoes
and I can't shake the thought of you
I should get on, forget you
But why would I want to?
I know we said goodbye
Anything else would have been confused
But I want to see you again]

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Fuck yeah, we can live like this   
03:20am 06/07/2006
  The past few days have been more challenging, exhausting, entertaining, and exciting than I could possibly have anticipated. I've been laughing more and working harder than I have all year, and sleeping not at all. Insecurities are surfacing, as I expected, but I'm trying to overcome them, and overall I think I'm doing pretty well.

The crazy thing about debate institute is that on the surface, you're there to improve your debating, but you're simultaneously trying to have fun, make friends, prove yourself, assess your competition, and impress the instructors so that they will respect you/vote for you next year/hire you to work at the institute next year. Hence, high stress and no sleep. See also: exhaustion. See also: illness. See also: nervous breakdowns. Well, not yet, but maybe. And even if the next ten days cause my fragile psyche to break, I've already gotten so much out of this that it would be worth it.

Still, I'd give anything for him to come around.

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You get me every time.   
08:08pm 02/07/2006
  So here I am, sitting in a dorm room at UCLA, sipping a Doubleshot and feeling all collegy, especially because of the stack of articles I have to read and underline tonight. My roommate, Alex (girl Alex, not boy Alex), seems really cool and funny and nice, so I really kind of lucked out on that one. And I'm in top lab, which is like the elite group, so that's a lovely little ego boost. Getting to see all my friends from debate is exciting, and I'm really looking forward to spending time with them. Only problem is most of my friends are instructors, not debaters, which means I feel a little bit left out of both groups. But once I get past that, the next two weeks are going to be pretty great.

And then I'll come back and finish what I started.

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Well I don't believe you   
10:20pm 21/06/2006
  Looks like there's gonna have to be a confrontation. Idon'twanttoIdon'twanttoIdonot. But at the point where it's causing me to look up questionable material on Wikipedia, it just has to be dealt with. Although, in my defense, I wouldn't have done it if it hadn't been a direct link from the page on "La Vie Boheme B." Still, that whole affair is only an afterthought for when I take a break from obsessing about Los Angeles, or, more specifically, el ángel en Los Ángeles. Thank you, Babelfish.

This is possibly the weirdest post I've ever made. No apologies.

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Please clear the area   
05:17pm 20/06/2006
  No finals for me tomorrow! Which means more time to sleep in/play on the internet!...I mean, more time to do the two enormous assignments I have to do for history and study for finals. THAT is what I'm gonna do tomorrow and tonight. Work. Work work work work work.

...Just trying to convince myself. And it's not working. Ah! No wit intended, I swear. That just happened.

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Goodbye, Sunday   
06:12pm 11/06/2006
  It's been one of those times when there's not much to write, because it's either too personal or too boring. Or both. Which is why I usually resort to cryptic posts, but that pisses people off so I won't do that. So this is just to say, there isn't much to write.

...Except that I'm glad I didn't see Garrett at Jam because that would have been awkward. Especially because I still need to give him back my script.

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